My husband Jesse and I (Terry) live in the beautiful mountains in the great state of Montana. We are off the grid (at 7000 ft.) on 40 acres with solar, wind generator, and a back up generator. I cook on a wood stove, yet still have some of the modern conveniences. We share our home with all the creatures that were already here. We have an abundance of elk, deer, moose, bear, coyote, and many, many other animals as well as a variety of birds. 
  We have been here 17 years, with  projects never ending. We have built my husband's art studio, which is a piece of art in itself.  It is made of twisted trees and cord wood, with a beautiful rock foundation. This year, we finished up our root cellar.  It is made of log from the beetle kill pine on our property.  Jesse has buried it under 4 foot of earth.  We still have garage, barn, and other out buildings to complete.  Since we use the resources of our land, everything becomes labor intensive.  We have a short work season, making progress....just oh so slooooowly.
  I have miniatures, toys and teacups schnauzers. schnauzers. We are not a kennel and if you are looking for a kennel dog, than our dogs are not for you!  Our dogs sleep with us, they are our kids, and have the run of the house. They are spoiled and raised with lots of love. We now have 20 schnauzers, however not all are breeding.  Some are now to old and retired, or where fixed as puppies. 
  We have been having puppies for 19 years.  Just in the last few years  we have decided to have more than a couple of litters a year.  We get empty nest syndrome when the puppies leave home.  So a few more litters a year should help!  By the time our babies leave home, they know what it is to go outside to go potty (I am not saying they are completely house trained, but working on it.) We have doggie doors and as they learn to go up and down the 8 steps to the yard, we start teaching them it is wrong to go in the house! When we catch them in the act, we say no (quite loudly) and clap our hands over there only takes a couple of time, and they get it. (as we take them down the steps to the yard) Time permitting I also start teaching them to lay, sit and say please.
  We love our schnauzers would not trade them for the world....we hope you love them as much as we do.

Montana Schnauzers